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Dedicated Servers <body> <h1><A HREF="https://www.secureserver.net/hosting/dedicated-servers.aspx?isc=wwbb20215&ci=1785&prog_id=spwoodring">Dedicated Servers</A></h1> <p><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com">Home</a> &gt; <a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/domain-registration/">Domain Names and Web Hosting at HostPapi | HostPapi.com</a><hr></p> <p>Get great discounts on dedicated servers, find the best dedicated server hosting at hostpapi.com</p> <p>Whether your business requires a Linux dedicated server hosting, Microsoft Windows dedicated server hosting, or you want to build your own dedicated server, we have the perfect solution for you.</p> <p>Hostpapi.com also offers Windows 2008 Standard Edition 64-bit dedicated servers or Ubuntu OS dedicated server, and an 8GB RAM option. Add them to your server today!</p> <p><H2>Reasons to opt for a Dedicated Server</H2><br />A Dedicated Server is perfect for eCommerce, multimedia, gaming and other sites that need advanced performance, reliability and control. Choose from pre-designed Windows 2008 and Linux plans featuring multi-core processors, enhanced options like managed backups and much more - or build your own dedicated server for customized results.</p> <p><H2>Advantages of a Dedicated Server</H2></p> <p>A Dedicated Server offers affordable flexibility for sites that need full control of their server space at a price that won't break the bank.</p> <p>Get custom results by building your own server or choose a pre-configured Windows or Linux plan, each featuring Plesk control panels, optional managed backup and more.</p> <p>We have Ready-to-Go Dedicated Server Plans to chose from</p> <p><B>Our Economy Dedicated Server Plan includes:</B><br />1x120 GB disk drive<br />500 GB bandwidth<br />1 GB RAM<br />Linux: CentOS or Fedora<br />Simple Control Panel<br />$50 in Ad Credits<br />$50 Google(r) AdWords(r) Credit*<br />And MORE!</p> <p>See our Dedicated servers page for prices and details</p> <p>Plan Features<br />2x120 GB disk drive<br />500 GB bandwidth<br />2 GB RAM<br />Linux: CentOS or Fedora<br />Plesk 30-domain control panel<br />$75 in Ad Credits<br />$75 Google(r) AdWords(r) Credit*<br />And MORE!</p> <p>See our Dedicated servers page for prices and details</p> <p>2x300 GB disk drive<br />2000 GB bandwidth**<br />4 GB RAM<br />Linux: CentOS or Fedora<br />cPanel unlimited control panel<br />$125 in Ad Credits<br />$125 Google(r) AdWords(r) Credit*<br />And MORE!</p> <p>See our Dedicated servers page for prices and details</p> <p>Each Dedicated Server Plan Includes: <br /><UL><li>Bandwidth Overage Protection <li>Free rapid setup <li>FREE! Google(r) Adwords(r) Credit* <li>24x7 FTP access <li>Linux: CentOS or<li>Fedora <li>3 Dedicated IPs <li>Our world-class data centers <li>Best-of-breed routers and servers <li>TippingPoint(r)<li>Intrusion Prevention Systems <li>24x7 email, telephone and<li>Web-based tech support <li>24x7 physical security <li>24x7 network monitoring<br /></UL></p> <p><B>Why Should I Get a Dedicated Server?</B></p> <p>There are many reasons why you should consider getting a Dedicated server. </p> <p>With a dedicated server, you get full administration access and you can install and run virtually anything on the server. </p> <p>Having a Dedicated server also allows you to manage multiple websites. It is a great way to host multiple websites on one server account. </p> <p>Another advantage of having your own Dedicated server is because of its versatility. A dedicated server/Dedicated server can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, Dedicated (i.e., shared) hosting, and hosting of traffic-intensive Web sites. </p> <p>Be sure to check out all the different affordable Dedicated server plans we have available only at HostPapi.com</p> <p><H2>Frequetly Asked Questions About Dedicated Servers</H2></p> <p>Get answers the to following quesitons about dedicated Servers in our dedicated server page at HostPapi.com</p> <p><UL><li>What is a dedicated server? <li>What is Assisted Service Plan? <li>Setting up Your Dedicated Server <li>What software is installed on my Linux dedicated server? <li>Installing an SSL Certificate on Your Dedicated Server <li>What can I install on my dedicated server? <li>Are there any restrictions on the content I can keep on my dedicated server? <li>How do I install software on my Windows dedicated server? <li>What name servers do I use with my dedicated server?<li>More about Virtual Dedicated Servers <li>More about Dedicated Servers <br /></UL></p> <p><H2>Dedicated Server Assisted Service Plan</H2></p> <p>Save the time and energy it takes to setup, monitor and maintain your dedicated server by letting our expert staff do it for you! With our Assisted Service Plan, our team of server professionals will personally set up your dedicated server to deliver maximum performance. Plus, they will also handle select monitoring and maintenance issues that would otherwise drain your time and resources.</p> <p><B>Each Assisted Service Plan Includes*:<br /></B><br /><B>Dedicated Server Initial Server Setup:</B></p> <p>Including installation of operating system and Plesk control panel. <br />Setup for the following services: <br />Domain Name &#038; DNS <br />Hosting Account <br />SSL Certificate <br />Resource Allocation</p> <p><B>Dedicated Server Security Services (Anti-Virus, Scanning):</B></p> <p>Monthly scans, as well as real-time on-access virus scanning of files (Windows servers only). <br />HostPapi.com scans your server once a month, to provide you with any recommended remediation actions. </p> <p><B>Dedicated Server Emergency Services:</B></p> <p>Direct access to advanced support for emergencies including: <br />Service restart or reboot <br />Server or service down <br />Tier-3 Support troubleshooting</p> <p><B>Dedicated Server Patching Services:</B></p> <p>Patching services** for the base operating system, such as Fedora or Windows, which includes: <br />Official updates released by the Fedora or Fedora Legacy Project. <br />Official updates, bug fixes and security patches released by Microsoft.</p> <p><B>Dedicated Server Monitoring Services:</B></p> <p>Per server monitoring of basic services such as Ping and HTTP.</p> <p><B>Dedicated Server Custom Support Access</B>:</p> <p>Access to our flat-rate custom support services</p> <br> <br> For more information click on <A HREF="https://www.secureserver.net/hosting/dedicated-servers.aspx?isc=wwbb20215&ci=1785&prog_id=spwoodring">Dedicated Servers</A>. <br> <br> <h2>More Web Hosting Info:</h2> People searching for information about <B>Dedicated Servers</B> are also interested in the following: <ul><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/free-web-hosting.html">Free Web Hosting</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/unlimited-web-hosting-plan.html">Unlimited Web Hosting Plan</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/virtual-dedicated-servers.html">Virtual Dedicated Servers</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/dedicated-servers.html">Dedicated Servers</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/web-hosting-plans.html">Web Hosting Plans</a></li></ul> <br> <br> <h2>Additional information related to Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers</h2> Since you are interested in <B>Dedicated Servers</B>, here are some additional information that may be of interest to you: <ul><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/online-contact-manager.html">Online Contact Manager</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/start-your-own-blog.html">Start Your Own Blog</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/social-website-builder.html">Social Website Builder</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/contact-management-software.html">Contact Management Software</a></li><li><a href="http://www.hostpapi.com/design-your-own-website.html">Design Your Own Website</a></li></ul> <br> <br> </body>