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Get online. Grow your business. Never miss a customer with the HostPapi Easy Web Site Website Builder... It's easy as Point and Click! Get Started Now!

It's fast - With intuitive navigation, templates, and drag-and-drop functionality, your website will be up and running in minutes. No technical skills or coding required.

It's easy - For any skill level we take the hassle out of building a website. In 3 simple steps, beginners can build a gorgeous, customized website using our new Design Wizard!

NEW! It's mobile - Your site will always look amazing, even on a 4-inch smartphone screen, thanks to our automatic mobile site converter, powered by DudaMobile.

It's complete - Each plan comes packed with everything you need to build a full-featured website including FREE hosting and email.

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Every domain name purchased at www.HostPapi.com comes with... FREE Web Hosting.

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One of the mistakes that many people make is that they wait for a domain to expire then say: "Oh my God! I lost my domain name..." --- Renew your domain name before it's too late!

BEST Way NOT to Lose your Domain Name by Accident - Turn on automatic renewal

Did you know? Many people loose their domain names by accident. Here is one way to avoid it. Setting your domain names to renew automatically is the best way to ensure it remains available to you and ONLY you.

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Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your nameservers.

Can You renew your domain name after it expires?

We strongly recommend you renew your domain name before it expire but, in many cases, yes you can renew your domain name after it expires but it depends upon your domain name's extension and its registry rules.

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